Sea Urchins | Mamuhuk, Singaling, Tayum, Tehe’-Tehe’

Sea Urchins | Mamuhuk, Singaling, Tayum, Tehe'-Tehe'

A trip to the beach provided the opportunity to learn some of the species of sea urchins.  This is less science and more curiosity.  4 to 5 species of sea urchins were found in a small area of ocean near a coral island (kalang).  Pictured below are tayum, singaling, mamuhuk, and tehe’-tehe’: Different sources have […]

Ginisan Kaitan (Shark Educational Poster)

Ginisan Kaitan (Shark Educational Poster)

A tarpaulin size poster with approximately 20 color pictures of sharks is cool in any language!  It was quite a bit of time and effort to create it in Sinama.  What’s the purpose? It is another addition to the educational posters that can be downloaded here at  Education must be both exciting and familiar.  My son […]

Common Reef Fish Sinama, English, & Scientific Name Poster

Common Reef Fish Sinama, English, & Scientific Name Poster

Ask any Filipino to name an indigenous group known for their fishing, there is a good chance they will say the Badjao.  Sama, the group of people from the Sulu archipelago of which the Badjao (Sama Dilaut) are a subgroup, are famed fishermen, boat builders, and ocean travelers.  One challenge that exists for the Filipino education […]

North & South Ubian: An Unsolved Mystery

North & South Ubian: An Unsolved Mystery

A Question about South Ubian that Site Visitors Often Ask I have relatives (pamikitan) with their roots originating from South Ubian, an island and also one of the municipalities of Tawi-Tawi. Many of the Sama Ubian with roots from this island have become quite successful, especially in Sabah. I assume that the links and traffic […]

Story Buli’ Kap

Story Buli' Kap

In Buli’ Kap, pū’ iya. Maingga aniya’ saga magkamatay ilu, maī’ pasampay, maī’ na sigām maglahat ma pū’ inān. Sasuku ya saga mbal tinaima’ ma riyata’ ī’ hatina maina’an dahūan ma pū’ inān. Angkanna tuwi’ bang aniya’ a’a allum makapī’ ni sigām, na ya ī’ pinagtabangan e’ sigām kin’llo’ supaya halahuwalam, kinakan ka e’ sigām atawa pinapatay.

Amelle’ Bungsud – Gathering at a Tuna Fishtrap

Amelle’ refers to the gathering of many small fishing vessels around a catch of fish as the white-fronted sea eagle (belle’) does. A school of tuna swam into three different permanent fish traps one afternoon, but managed to escape before the local fishermen could close the trap. Mura-murahan pagbalik aku amelle’ aniya’ na patta’ku saga daing sobad mareyom pokot.

Sama Boats

Ginis Bayanan ma Tahik

Bay pattaku saga bayanan itu ma kauman kami ma pasalan aniya’ saga t’llu atawa mpat ginis bayanan ta’nda’ku. Aniya’ pusu, pambōt maka papet. Ma Sinama kasehe’an manjari kono’ buti atawa tempel-tempel isab pangōn ma duwa bayanan halam katigan.

Bayanan min Tawi-Tawi

Itiya’ isab duwa bayanan ta’nda’ku ma Tawi-Tawi alahang tabāk ma Mindanao. Aniya’ maitu boggo’ atawa biggung ma Sinama kasehe’an. Aniya’ isab biral.

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