When people think about Filipino food it is almost automatically assumed that rice is the staple and the king of all Filipino cuisine is adobo.  The variety of food from region to region of the Philippines is quite rich and varied.  In Sulu, the Sama and Tausug of course have access to some of the best seafood in the world, but did you know that the staple, at least for the old timers is cassava and not rice?  Instead of a hard-boiled egg how about a hard-boiled sea urchin (oko’-oko’)?  Sun dried shark meat is a dish that we were lucky enough to try and get pictured prior to shark hunting becoming illegal in the Philippines.  The cookies and other confections from the Sulu Archipelago are also quite different than either Filipino or Malaysian food.  Here is a video of some Sama food that is enough to make most Sama people’s mouths water.  Included in the video is footage from the preparation of jā’ and panyām, two Sama foods that are often prepared for special festivals and religious ceremonies.

The confections and other foods of the Sama. Pictures from Sabah (Sandakan, Semporna), Tawi-Tawi (Tabawan), Sulu (Siasi), Zamboanga, and other parts of Mindanao.
Foods pictured:
Agal-Agal, Apam, Ballul, Binamban, Bo’-Bo’, Bukayu’, Ja’, Kihampaw, Kohok-Kohok, Kukus, Pali’-Kambing, Panggi’-Panggi’, Panyam, Pasung, Patulakan, Oko’-Oko’, Sikad-Sikad,

Ai tapah'llingbi pasal itu?