Sama Stories Book #2 | The Monkeys and the Sea Cucumbers

We are pleased to announce the launching of our second title in the Sama Stories series from Kauman Sama Online.

The Monkeys and the Sea Cucumbers, is a book about conflict. It speaks against bullying and the prevalent mindset that “might makes right.” This is a generations old fable told by the Sama people of the Sulu archipelago. We are confident in our claims that this is the most fascinating story in the world about sea cucumbers and only a people so closely connected to the sea could come up with such an intriguing folktale.

More information on the book can be found on its Amazon listing: The Monkeys and the Sea Cucumbers.

We encourage you to buy this book for its:

  • Entertainment value. It will entertain you and your children.
  • Cultural value. This multicultural folktale will broaden your child’s exposure places and people other than their own such as this unique culture from Southeast Asia and their stories.
  • Moral value. The book discourages bullying and encourages the adoption of the golden rule: Doing to others as you would have them do to you.
  • Scientific value. This may be you and your child’s first time hearing about the sea cucumber.
  • Philanthropic value. We are using the proceeds from this English version of the book to provide this story to Sama students in their language Sinama and to create more illustrated stories from the Sama culture. We believe in helping the community. Our previous title can be found in Tagalog and Sinama licensed under a Creative Commons License. We will do the same for this title once we have reached enough proceeds to pay for its costs and the creation of one more illustrated story.
  • Illustrations. We are proud of our illustrator, Danilo CG. This 11-year-old illustrator worked hard at capturing the world of the Sama and also the world of monkeys and the variety of sea cucumbers. We think he has a great future and were happy to work with him and his family to encourage him in his future as an artist.
  • Inspirational value. We’ve become fond of freediving and freedivers, many of which are not able to go diving in the ocean near as much as they would like. If you have a child and you want to foster an interest in diving even during this time that you have less chance to go freediving, an interest in sea cucumbers becomes a great reason for your child to look forward to their next trip with dad or mom to the ocean.
Sama Stories Series Book #1: Agasi Kidnaps Weensy available on Kindle ($2.99), Paperback ($8), & Hardcover ($18).
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Sama Stories Series Book #2: The Monkeys and the Sea Cucumbers available on Kindle ($4), Paperback ($8), & Hardcover ($20).

Never seen a sea cucumber before? Check out our promotional video:

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