Bibliography of Sama Authors & works about the Sama/Bajau

Sama Authors:

Mucha-Shim Q. Arquiza:  Mucha-Shim Quiling Arquiza is an ethnic Sama from Laminusa, Siasi, Sulu, Mindanao. She is presently working for her Ph.D. in interreligious studies at the Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies at Gajah Madah University in Yogyakarta. Mucha is secretary general of the Asian Muslim Action Network in the Philippines (AMANPHIL) and the founding directress of Lumah Ma Dilaut, a school for living traditions of the Sama Dilaut (or Bajau) in Zamboanga and Basilan waters. [DeMISTYfied in Djogja: Malam Panjang: Long Night in Yogyakarta]
Recommended Reading by Mucha-Shim Q. Arquiza:

Intervention for Agenda 3.A. Sama Dilaut—Fishers of Coins: Case of Sea Nomadism in Sulu Seas, Mindanao Philippines

Katakata: And the Sama shall live on and on, happily ever after

DeMISTYfied in Djogja: Malam Panjang: Long Night in Yogyakarta

Explorations into the Sama Philosophy of LIMPAH TANGAN

Anthony L. Tan: Anthony Tan, a native of Siasi, Sulu, is an awarded and nationally-published poet, winning the Palanca for poetry and essay, and other major awards for his creative writing. He holds a Ph.D in Creative Writing from the Silliman University and is at present Professor of Literature at the MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology.
Recommended Reading by Anthony Tan:

The Cargo. Anthony L. Tan. Manoa, Summer, 2003, vol. 15, no. 1, p. 170-180

The Badjao Cemetery and other poems. Anthony L. Tan. 1985. Coordination Center for Research and Development, MSU-IIT.

Poems for Muddas. Anthony L. Tan & Ma Assunta C Cuyegkeng. 1996. Anvil, Pasig City, Philippines.

Authors about the Sama

Kemp Pallesen: Kemp Pallesen, a linguist and anthropologist of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, has done extensive studies about the Sinama language and its relation to other languages in the Philippines.
Recommended Reading by Kemp Pallesen:

Culture contact and language convergence. Pallesen, A. Kemp. 1977. SIL Language and Culture Archives.

Panganaran magbassa.

Harry Arlo Nimmo: Nimmo is an anthropologist who did his research among the Sama Dilaut of Tawi-Tawi in the 1960s.
Recommended Readby by Harry Arlo Nimmo:

Nimmo, H. A., (1972) The Sea People of Sulu: A study of Social Change in the Philippines. San Francisco: Chandler Publishing Company.

Nimmo, H. A., (1994) Songs of Salanda and Other Stories of Sulu. Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University Press.

Nimmo, H. A., (2001) Magosaha: An Ethnology of the Tawi-Tawi Sama Dilaut. Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University Press.

Atty. Laisa Masuhud Alamia: Represents the organization, Lumah Ma Dilaut which is a
Center for Living Traditions focusing on the cultural revitalization of the Sama Dilaut
or the Bajaus, the sea nomads of the Mindanao and Sulu seas, southern Philippines.
Recommended Reading by Atty. Laisa Masuhud Alamia:

The Sea Nomads of the Philippines: On the Verge of Extinction?

Sather, C., (1997) The Bajau Laut: Adaptation, History, and Fate in a Maritime Fishing Society of South-Eastern Sabah. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Teo, S. S., (1989) Lifestyles of the Badjaos. Manila: Centro Escolar University Research and Development Center.
Bottignolo, B., (1998) Celebrations With the Sun: An Overview of Religious Phenomena among the Badjaos. Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University Press.
Warren, C., (1983) Ideology, Identity and Change: The Experience of the Bajau Laut of East Malaysia. James Cook University, Southeast Asian Monograph Series, No.14.
National Conference on the History and Culture of the Bajau. February 26-27, 2001. Culture and Peace Studies, 1, 1, June 2001.
Yamamoto, H., (2002) “The Emergence of Bajau Identity in British North Borneo (Sabah)” Southeast Asia: History and Culture, 31, May 2002.

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