Bajau Dictionary is the right place to learn the Bajau language.  The Bajau language has been extensively researched by linguists for over 50 years.  We are slowly trying to make this information available to the public.   There are multiple Bajau language apps on the Kauman Sama Play Store account including the Sinama-English Dictionary which is essentially the language of the Bajau Laut and Bajau Tabawan as well as other groups commonly found in Sabah.  Also you can take a look at the Bajau Dictionary of their language Sinama which is a work in progress.
Also for Sinama speakers you will probably be interested in our post about the existing dictionary that will hopefully soon be published.

15 thoughts on “Bajau Dictionary

  1. Where can I find a simple and basic Badjao (Bajau) or Sinama dictionary? We would like to prepare visuals for everyday objects, and to include the written word in Badjao/Sinama?

        1. Tried to e-mail you. The e-mail provided does not exist according to gmail. I am one of the translators/contributors for this dictionary, working on a team of several. How can we be of help? Please message me through the page and I could get you more information if needed.

    1. Music can be separated into various categories. For example chanting, love songs, music played by instruments, etc. The best I can give you is the word “mulsiku” which more refers to band music. Traditional music might be kulintangan or biyula. But no organizing category comes to mind.

    1. I’m sorry, I only saw this now. Kalluman is a person’s daily subsistence or their livelihood. It can also be Kaꞌlluman depending on the dialect. This might be the word you are looking for. Most forms of asking if someone survived or if there are survivors would involve the word allum. Aniyaꞌ masi allum? (Were there any survivors?) Allum iya. (He survived.)

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