Saga Kabtangan Pagaddat Educational Poster

Saga Kabtangan Pagaddat Educational Poster

We had a request from a teacher in Davao to make a translation for a polite expressions poster. It is our goal that the Department of Education along with other privately run schools would benefit from ready made learning materials in the Sinama language. We know it can be a big help for the Sama Students. We offer this polite phrases poster as a free download. We would love to see your pictures of this poster being used in your classrooms.

Kabtangan Pagaddat - Politeness Educational Poster (2865 downloads )

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Saga Kabtangan Pagaddat ma Bahasa Sinama | Polite Words in the Sinama Language.

Salam | Greeting (Literal Arabic for Peace)
Assalamu Alaykum | Greeting (Literal Arabic for Peace Be Upon You)
Alaykum salam } Greeting Response (Literal Arabic for May Peace Also Be Upon You)

Tabiya’ | Excuse me.

Palabay Aku | (Excuse me) I’m passing through.

Magay-Magay na ka? Buwattingga na ka? Painay-inay na ka? | Dialectal variations of, “How are you?”

Da’a Busung, Busung-Busung | Please (Literal: Don’t curse me (for asking) / It’s a little trouble [for asking])

Magsukul | Thank you.

Kamaya’ | Take care.

Hilas | Freely given with no expected repayment or counting of the cost. (Similar to, “You’re welcome.”)
Boheꞌ-Sulgaꞌ | Enjoy it freely (Literally, “water from heaven,” also similar to, “You’re welcome.”)

Halam bay tu’udku | It was an accident.

Magma’ap ka | I’m sorry.
Ampunun aku | Forgive me.

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