Making Oko'-Oko', A Sama Sea Urchin Delicacy

The following video, “Oko’-Oko’ min Tehe’-Tehe’ ma 38 seconds” was made in 2013 and published on our Youtube Account.

Oko’-Oko’ is a delicacy of the Sama people. It is like the hard-boiled egg of seafood. Tehe’-tehe’ (a type of sea urchin) are gathered and cleaned. Their spines are scraped off with a knife. Then spices are ground up and sauteed with rice before being stuffed inside the tehe’-tehe’. The tehe’-tehe’ is then sealed with a leaf and boiled. When finished you crack it and peel it like an egg. The flesh of the sea urchin sticks to the rice. This treat can last for several days before going bad.

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