Pictures of Traditional Sama Foods

Famous Sama foods are much different than the foods of other Filipino and Malaysian Ethnic Groups. In our Facebook Album we are continually uploading pictures of the foods that Sama love. You can tell by the multitude of likes and comments they have been getting! Some of the foods featured are:

  1. Jā- A rice cookie made of strands of thin batter cooked in oil to form a kind of mesh, and rolled up while still hot.
  2. Panyām- A heavy pancake made of rice flour and sugar, fried in deep oil.
  3. Oko’-oko’- A sea urchin cooked with rice inside it.
  4. Pali’ kambing- A banana batter, fried.
  5. Panggi’-panggi’- Another fried batter.
  6. Juwalan-  Bananas glazed with sugar.
  7. Kukus

We hope the pictures we post here will give Sama fond memories of home as well as peak the interest of others to travel to Zamboanga, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi or Sabah in order to try some of these foods.

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