Manuk-Manuk Lahat - Birds of the Sulu Archipelago Educational Poster (3829 downloads )

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“Manuk-manuk lahat” means the native birds of the Sama homelands. All of the pictures found on the poster were taken in Tawi-Tawi. Many of the birds exist throughout the Sulu Archipelago and even throughout the Southern Philippines and Sabah, Malaysia.

This educational poster in the Central Sinama language is intended to inspire a Sama student’s interest in science and the natural world around them. Several of our language resource peron’s learned the names of the smaller birds due to going out into nature with a slingshot in hand. Their intention was not to kill, but instead to catch a bird and raise it.

Teacher’s can use this poster to open up a discussion on conservation. We are grateful to Lorenzo Vinciguerra for allowing us to use his picture of the Sulu Hornbill. At the moment there are only 25 living Sulu Hornbills. Sir Lorenzo’s picture was taken in Panglima Sugala, Tawi-Tawi. He had the privilege to picture 5 of the Sulu Hornbill, but was sad to hear that a 6th Sulu Hornbill had been killed and eaten the day before. Sama traditionally have a very thorough knowledge of the natural world due to their economic activities both on land and sea. None of our natural resources are limited and being able to recognize that there are species like the Sulu Hornbill that are critically endangered is something that can help Sama students be proactive in protecting the environment around them.

The production of this educational poster started in 2015. We are very grateful to Col. Romulo Quemado for allowing us to use his pictures of birds from Tawi-Tawi in the construction of this picture. Only now have we been able to complete this poster. We hope that Sama students and also children in Sama homes can make use of the poster and enjoy seeing some birds a lot closer than they will ever get to them personally.

Manuk-Manuk Lahat - Birds of the Sulu Archipelago Educational Poster (3829 downloads )

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