English Audiobook for Agasi Kidnaps Weensy

Elderberry Tales featured the Sama Story, Agasi Kidnaps Weensy, on their podcast.
Thanks to Elderberry Tales for featuring our story Agasi Kidnaps Weensy on their podcast.

We ran a three day promo on Kindle allowing people to download the translated children’s book Agasi Kidnaps Weensy for free. It may be awhile before we run another promo for the book, but if you would like a chance to hear the content, a podcast called Elderberry Tales recorded an audio version of the book and have made it available on their website for free download. Please take the time to listen to it and share to others who might be interested in hearing Sulu and Sama stories illustrated and told in the English and/or the Sama language. In the near future we will publish the audiobook which will include the audio, text, and pictures. We are grateful to Carrie from Elderberry Tales for providing us with this professional audio recording/narration and for helping us to promote our book. For more information on the book please visit the Kindle E-book listing on Amazon.

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