1st Kadayawan Sama Freediving Contest (Sama/Bajau)

UPDATE: PLEASE VISIT THE CONTEST PAGE HERE: https://sinama.org/freediving-2013/


Davao City, Philippines- Sports.  Sama are renowned for their freediving.  This Kadayawan let’s see how deep the best can go, hopefully setting a Philippines record!  The tentative schedule for the event is Thurs. August 15th.

Sama diver in the Davao area.
Sama diver in the Davao area.

With only less than a month to go the Kauman Sama Online in partnership with Freediving Philippines are organizing a special event for the Sama tribe this Kadayawan.  Kadayawan is a Davao festival that shines the limelight on the 10 indigenous tribes of Davao.  There is something for everyone in the week long of festivities.  We wanted to make an event of special interest to the Sama tribe.

Dynamics of the Competition (subject to change)

Freediving is already an international sport that has been holding recorded events or competitions since 1949. In the Philippines the sport was only introduced 4 years ago.  Now we want to highlight the already present historical roots of freediving in the Philippines – the Sama. There are various disciplines.  The Kadayawan competition will use a variant of the No Limits Apnea discipline which we have named the “Rod & Line Apnea” in which a diver may descend into the ocean while holding on to an 8 kilo or less weight.  A diver may have a rope tied around his waist in which a partner pulls him up after reaching the body.  Divers may use a traditional wooden flipper on one foot if so desired. Safety divers will dive alongside the freediver guarding against any complications in coming to the surface again.  A diver must be able to breath above the surface for a specified length of time without passing out as a safety precaution. Winners will be awarded the “Golden Diver Award” for the champion, the “Silver Diver Award” for the 1st Runner-up, and the “Bronze Diver Award” for the 2nd Runner-up. On top of the Bajau Style Apnea event we will also hold a Static Apnea event to find which diver can hold their breath the longest while floating in the water. There will be experienced freediving judges present to witness and confirm the dives.

The Sama Divers

All entries to the event must be proven Sama divers who can reach at least a depth of 80 feet. Qualification dives for the event will start the first week of August.  Panacan, Sasa, Isla Verde, Boulevard, Matina, Digos, General Santos, & Sarangani will hopefully all be represented in this dive competition.

Goals of the Event

  • Increase awareness in the Davao area about the Sama tribe.  Many government offices and schools are unaware that the Sama are indigenous to the Davao region.
  • Honor the Sama people.  Overall perception of the Sama people in urban areas of the Filipinos is in many cases degrading towards them.  Sama are a peace loving people and very hard working.  We would like to make this known.
  • Though using the term Badjao would highly increase the marketability of this event, we hope to increase the awareness of Filipinos about the Sama tribe, therefore not limiting the competition only to the Sama Dilaut (known by many as the Badjao) but including other Sama groups who are skilled at diving as well.
  • Promote the sport of freediving among the scuba diving community as well as the Philippines as a whole.
  • Set national records for the sport of freediving.
  • Provide opportunities for a few exceptionally skilled Sama divers.

Current Philippine Records

Information from Freediving-Philippines.com Static Apnea– 3:06 minutes by Villongco Zenon Alejandro Dario Free Immersion– 32 meters by Carmelo Navarro

Join the Fun

Are you coming from out of town to see the Kadayawan festivities?  Before the major events of Kadayawan take place, you might consider spending a day at the beach on Talikud, Island and witnessing the commencement and awards ceremony of the competition.  For those into Scuba Diving bring your boat and accompany us as contestants make their dives.

Please Help Us

There are a list of things that we need in order to make this event a reality. Publicity (Internet, Newspaper, & Television promotion of our event) Location (We are looking to partner with one of the Talikud Beach Resorts.) ✓ Safety Divers ✓ Qualified Judges ₱7,000 Golden Diver Sponsor (preferably local company/politician) ₱ 5,000 Silver Diver Sponsor (preferably local company/politician) ₱ 3,000 Bronze Diver Sponsor (preferably local company/politician) ₱ 5,000 Kahumbu Static Apnea Award Sponsor (preferably local company/politician) 20-40 ₱ 1,000 Sponsors for individual diver’s transportation, food, and honorable mention awards.  We are expecting to have 20-40 divers. If you are interested in sponsoring this event please contact us by e-mailing the webmaster (webmaster AT sinama.org)

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