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  1. Talib L. Sangogot
    Talib L. Sangogot January 7, 2013 at 1:59 pm |

    I appreciated the skills of those who taught “Igal” (Sama Danace) at Ateneo de Manila University. Those who taught are really Sama of Tabawan, real Sama “Igal” dancers. But, I would like to make some clarifications that “The Igal Sama-Bajau” (or Igal Sama Dilawt), may have little variation from the real Sama Igal. Even among the Sama Igal, there are different styles intended for different objectives of an Igal. This is also true to Sam-Bajau ( or what we call Sama Dilawt) Igal.
    Among the Sama of Tabawan, they have Igal for ritual like, Pagduwata and Igal Pagmboh; they have also igal for entertainment, courtship dance, the Linggisan style, etc.
    The Sama-Bajau(Sama Dilawt), they have Igal Jinn, and many others.
    Comments submitted by Talib L. Sangogot of South Ubian.

  2. MCM Santamaria
    MCM Santamaria January 10, 2014 at 2:52 pm |


    Sintang Dalisay won 2nd place in an International Student Theater Festival held in Minsk, Belarus last year. This May 2014, it will be shown in Taipei, Taiwan.

    The Sama igal (and yes, there are many variations) continues to impress the world audience. Congratulations to the Sama teachers, Cals, Nur, Dals, Rio as well as Sha, Bash, Munir and Rudy. Congratulations also to Tanghalang Ateneo for continuing its great work in inter-cultural theater.

    Cheers and Magsukol!


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