Igal Tabawan ma Ateneo de Manila

Traditional performers from Tabawan, Tawi-Tawi showcased their skills in dancing the igal traditional dance of the Sama-Bajau Photo
Asal kataꞌuwanta piꞌingga-piꞌingga ka ma Pilipin, ai na ka ma Mindanao, ma Visayas atawa ma Luzon, aniyaꞌ sadja Bangsa Sama, sogoꞌ alahang binantug Bangsa Sama ma reyom saga iskul alanga maka colleges buwat Ateneo De Manila University. Angkan bilahi kami ananglitan hinang mpat Sama Tabawan itu ma pagpanduꞌ sigām ma pasalan music maka pangigal Sama ma Ateneo.
Takaleku aniyaꞌ Sama amanduꞌ igal Tabawan ma Ateneo min si Omar, dakayuꞌ seheꞌta ma Sinama.org. Tabassaku ma internet ma pasalan workshop sigām niōnan, “The Igal of the Sama-Bajau” bay May 16-21, 2011. Saga mastal itu, si Calsum Telso, si Abdul Said K. Hailaya, si Nur Perong, maka si Dalino Kamamih. Workshop sigām poꞌonan “Sintang Dalisay” ya Ateneo Fine Arts Theater production.
Kissa itu, saliꞌ kissa “Romeo and Juliet.”  Ya sadja pagbiddaꞌanna ma Semporna bay pangahinangan kissa itu maka ya duwa kampung magbonoꞌ, dumaꞌin ka Montague maka  Capulet, sogoꞌ Kampung Mustafa maka Kampung Kalimuddin. Si Romeo isab, nihinang si Rashiddin maka si Juliet nihinang si Jamila.  Angigal saga theater student Igal Tabawan, ya taꞌanad sigām min si Calsum, si Abdul, si Nur maka si Kamamih.
Halam giꞌ tandaꞌ kami “Sintang Dalisay” sogoꞌ tabassa kami piꞌitu kono’ ni Davao show sigām ma tahun 2012 itu.
Bang aniyaꞌ makabassa pagsulat itu ati aniya’ tapikilnu aꞌa Sama wajib subay sinanglitan ma saga hinang ahāp sigām, bāꞌin aku boꞌ aku anulat ma pasalan sigām maitu ma Sinama.org.
Calsum, Abdul, Nur, Kamamih: Proud kami ma kaꞌam!
Ateneo de Manila's Sintang Dalisay with Sama Pangigal

(English Translation)

It’s well known that wherever you go in the Philippines, whether Mindanao, Visayas or Luzon, that there will always be Sama, but it is uncommon for the Sama to be made famous in schools of higher education and colleges such as Ateneo de Manila University. That’s why we would like to praise the work of four Sama Tabawan for their teaching Sama music and dance in Ateneo.

I heard that there were Sama teaching igal Tabawan at Ateneo from Sinama.org member, Omar. I read on the internet about their workshop, “The Igal of the Sama-Bajau” that took place last May 16-21-2011. The teachers were Calsum Telso, Abdul Said K. Hailaya, Nur Perong, and Dalino Kamamih. 
From this workshop Sintang Dalisay was launched, an Ateneo Fine Arts Theater production. It’s story is like that of “Romeo and Juliet.” However it is different in that Semporna is the location of the story and the two families feuding are not Montague or Capulet, but instead the Mustafas and the Kalimuddins. Romeo in this story is Rashiddin and Juliet is Jamila. The students dance the igal Tabawan that they learned from Calsum, Abdul, Nur, and Kamamih.
We have not yet seen “Sintang Dalisay” but we read that it is coming here to Davao later this 2012.
If you are a reader happening to read this post and you think of a Sama that should be praised for their outstanding action, please let me know so that I can write about them here on Sinama.org
Calsum, Abdul, Nur, and Kamamih, we are very proud of you.

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4 thoughts on “Igal Tabawan ma Ateneo de Manila

  1. I appreciated the skills of those who taught “Igal” (Sama Danace) at Ateneo de Manila University. Those who taught are really Sama of Tabawan, real Sama “Igal” dancers. But, I would like to make some clarifications that “The Igal Sama-Bajau” (or Igal Sama Dilawt), may have little variation from the real Sama Igal. Even among the Sama Igal, there are different styles intended for different objectives of an Igal. This is also true to Sam-Bajau ( or what we call Sama Dilawt) Igal.
    Among the Sama of Tabawan, they have Igal for ritual like, Pagduwata and Igal Pagmboh; they have also igal for entertainment, courtship dance, the Linggisan style, etc.
    The Sama-Bajau(Sama Dilawt), they have Igal Jinn, and many others.
    Comments submitted by Talib L. Sangogot of South Ubian.

  2. Hello!
    Sintang Dalisay won 2nd place in an International Student Theater Festival held in Minsk, Belarus last year. This May 2014, it will be shown in Taipei, Taiwan.
    The Sama igal (and yes, there are many variations) continues to impress the world audience. Congratulations to the Sama teachers, Cals, Nur, Dals, Rio as well as Sha, Bash, Munir and Rudy. Congratulations also to Tanghalang Ateneo for continuing its great work in inter-cultural theater.
    Cheers and Magsukol!

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