The Tausug – English Dictionary: Kabtangan iban Maana went live this week on Google Play. The Tausug language is closely related to both Butanon and Sinama. Culturally and in proximity the Sama are much closer related to the Tausug. Therefore, though this site is primarily focused on a Sama audience and those with interest in the Sama, I am pleased to help facilitate the publishing of this dictionary app. This Tausug Dictionary can install easily on your android cellphone and contains 11,287 English glosses and 5,536 Tausug roots with definitions. It is the same as the print version of the dictionary from 1994 which was compiled and edited by Ma’am Irene U. Hassan, Sir Seymour A. Ashley and Ma’am Mary L. Ashley. The cellphone app can be downloaded from Kauman’s Sama Online’s App store. Installing the app on your phone allows both for easy searching of the text and usage of the dictionary while offline. The dictionary can also be found online at Webonary.

These other apps might interest you as well:

Zambasulta Phrasebook – A phrasebook for Tausug, Sinama, Tagalog and English.
Sinama Dictionary – A 13,000+ word dictionary of the Central Sinama language.
Kalangan Onde’-Iskul – Songs for school age children in the Central Sinama language.
Sinama Big Books – 24 books for school age children in Sinama.

More details about the Tausug Dictionary app can be found on Kauman Sama’s App store.

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