Children's Songs for Sama & Badjao Classrooms

There are over 30 children songs that have been written or translated for use in the MTB-MLE program for Sama & Badjao* classrooms in Mindanao.  Work is in progress to see all of the songs recorded so that they can be used in classrooms where the teacher does not speak Sinama natively or fluently.  Currently we have recorded 5 and hopefully we will keep adding more.
Here are the 5 songs:
5 Issa, Duwa, T'llu (5038 downloads )
8 Angose' Tangan (4881 downloads )
09 Amole' Amole' (4265 downloads )
10 Maingga Bokol (4396 downloads )
14 Aku si Sili' (4285 downloads )
Also look forward to a Sinama Children’s song Android App in the future and the eventual creation of videoke files and soundtracks that will allow students to practice singing the song for presentations or school programs.
Thanks to Ma’am Leonida Gulam for providing us with these songs.

*Though we prefer not to use the term Badjao to refer to people who call themselves Sama or Sama Dilaut, for the purpose of allowing teachers and NGOs that are reluctant to adopt this terminology to find this music we have incorporated the term into this post.

Ai tapah'llingbi pasal itu?