Tarasul pasalan Omang ma bahasa Sinama Tabawan.
This is one of 12 big books created in a writers workshop held in Davao City.  The purpose of big books is to give Sama children introductory reading material that will encourage them to read in their own language.  All of the big books from the workshop were written originally by Sama in the Sinama language.  The majority were written in the Sama Dilaut dialect, recognized by most in the Department of Education as the Badjao language.  This book along with two others were written in Sinama Tabawan.  They have been translated into both English and Bisayan.  Soon all books will be available for ₱50 a piece + shipping/delivery in A4 size.  We will be expanding the products to both A3 Big Books as well as coloring books in the near future.
Tarasul Pasalan Omang - Central Sinama This book was written and illustrated during the workshop Pagtimuk Paghinang Būk ma Sinama Bay sinulat e' si Omarjan Jahuran, Bay ginudlis e' si Dioher P. Lagam.

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