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Illustrated Sama Children's book.
New Big Book in the Sinama language.

Kissa’ bay min si Aukal Kinista
(original kissa’: https://sinama.org/2013/09/monkeys-vs-butterflies/)
Bay ginudlis e’ si Joher Lagam
Kauman Sama bay anulat.

Sinama Big Book Series

This Sama tale of a jungle battle between monkeys and butterflies is a classic folktale of Sulu which reminds us not to judge by appearance or to belittle others.  This book is designed to be printed and distributed in schools that teach Sama or Badjao students.  It is best presented by a Sama teacher.

Kissa' bay min si Aukal Kinista (original kissa': https://sinama.org/2013/09/monkeys-vs-butterflies/)Bay ginudlis e' si Joher LagamKauman Sama bay anulat

Posted by Sinama.org: Kauman Sama Online on Saturday, 11 January 2014

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