Kalangan Pagongka' Onde'-Onde'

Bang aniya’ kata’uwannu kalangan onde’-onde’, sulatun ma comments bo’ ganapanku ma sulat itu.
Originally Published on: Nov 25,2010

Ombo’ Takkiya

Ombo’ takkiya’
Buli’ ba’ung paragsa’
Paragsaꞌ ni katigan
Katigan ba’ung-ba’ung
Suruk, suruk, suruk, suruk, suruk

English Translation

Grandfather Takkiya’The coconut cup floats.
It floats, hitting a boat’s outrigger.
The outrigger and the little coconut cup.
Poke, poke, poke, poke, poke (to be poked from beneath)


The child is placed on their parents legs as the parent lays on their back.  As the parent chants this song, they bounce the child up and down on their legs.  As they reach the last line of the song, they let the child fall onto their chest.  This song is obviously poetic, but I have yet to meet a Sama speaker who can explain it to me.  In general the Mbo’ are revered ancestors.  The ba’ung is the cup that the ancestors used to drink from.  Now they are used to offer incense.  According to the Sinama dictionary, children are often warned that something like sea snake might come up and poke them (suruk) when they are swimming.

Sūng kita

Sūng kita amandi,
ni bohe’ biradali.
Mbal tapamandihan.
Bay panumbali’an.
Ai bay sinumbali’?
Kutingku janggi’-janggi’.
Sai bay anumbali’?
Si Bapa’ Hadji’-Hadji’.
Hadji’-Hadji’ min ingga?
Hadji’-Hadji’ min Makka
Ai du tabowana?
Dakayu’ du maleta.
Ai du kono’ isina?
Dakayu’ sulat si Mariyam.
Mbal kono’ tabassa.
Subay’aꞌa alanga.
(Magsukul ni si Koneji ma 2nd verse)

English Translation

Let’s go swimming in the pool of the fairies.We cannot swim there, because there was an animal slaughtered there.
What was slaughtered?  My grey and black speckled cat.
Who slaughtered the cat?  Uncle Pilgrim.
Where is the pilgrim from?  He’s a pilgrim from Mecca.
What did he take with him?  Just one suitcase.
What was inside it?  A letter from Mariyam.
We weren’t able to read it.  It takes an educated person to do this.

Sumping Alingkat

Sūng kita kaleya. Amuwaꞌ sumping alingkat.
Makakale aku manuk-manuk angongka’.
Anangis aku. Taentomku si Ina.
Ina piꞌitu ka.

English Translation

I went to my garden to pick some flowers that are beautiful.
I heard the birds sing a song to me.
I cry silently.  I remember Mommy.
Mommy come back to me.

Legpong, Tangalaꞌ

Legpong, tangalaꞌ,
Amangan taiꞌ kura,
Taiꞌ kura pinetak.
Hinang utak-utak.

O Bulan

O bulan, o bulan, ngaun na kinakannu. Kinakan oyok-oyok.
(Jukupin itu bang kata’uwannu kalangan itu)

3 thoughts on “Kalangan Pagongka' Onde'-Onde'

  1. sugpatan kalangan SUNG KITA.
    …ai du tabowana
    dakayuꞌ du maleta
    ai du konoꞌ isina
    dakayuꞌ sulat si mariyam
    mbal konoꞌ tabassa
    subay aꞌa alanga.

  2. actually the ombok-ombok that you put is not the sinama it is tausug …the sinama is like this
    Ombok – ombok takiyak
    Takikya bulik piyak
    Ma magai nu piyak
    Manahit ku luma
    Luma si “you can put any name here” etc landja murak
    Abuhau na nambilak

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