Batang-Sulat ma Sinama

Batang-Sulat is the Sinama for “Letters”.  Literacy has been going on in the Sinama language since at least the early 1970s.  Materials to help teach mother tongue speakers of Sinama how to read are continually increasing in number, quality, and especially availability.  There are 22 Batang-Sulat in Sinama, ABDE ꞌ GHIJKLMN Ng OPRSTUWY.  Also important to writing Sinama is the gudlis (hyphen) that appears between a reduplicated root as well as the macron that goes over long vowels.

Teaching Tools for Sinama

Recently we have developed Alphabet Flashcards & an Alphabet Poster designed for Kinder through Grade 1.  These tools are freely available for home & school use among the Sama.  The Alphabet Flashcards are intended to be pasted on cardboard after being downloaded and printed.  We recommend the use of plastic book covering in order to protect the flashcards.  The Alphabet Chart is intended to be downloaded and printed onto tarpaulin.  The file is ready to be passed to the printer and shouldn’t cost much more than ₱100 (approximately 8 ringgit).


There are at least 4 different Sinama languages.  Among those languages there are multiple dialects.  The largest of the 4 Sinama languages is Central Sinama.  The largest dialect of this language is Sinama Dilaut (known by others as Badjao).  We worked hard at making the cards and posters universal, but for a few words it was unavoidable.  Currently we are providing downloads for Sinama Dilaut, the Laminusa dialect, and generic Siasi dialect.  In the future we hope to provide posters and cards for Southern Sinama & Sama Banguingi’.  It is important that you are aware of your schools context and thus download the appropriate files.

Flashcard & Poster Downloads

Batang-Sulat Flashcards (click here)
Batang-Sulat Poster Badjao Classroom (click here)          Batang-Sulat Poster Generic Siasi Classroom (click here)
Batang-Sulat Poster Laminusa Classroo (click here)

Flashcard & Poster Previews

Flashcards ma Kinder and Grade 1 level. Itu ya Batang Sulat ma Central Sinama. Central Sinama itu: Sama Siasi, Sama…

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Two Books for Sama Kinder & Grade 1 Classrooms

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  1. Hello, I’m a researcher studying the phonological process of Sinama in Zamboanga Peninsula, I would like to ask if you have other reference about the speech ability of the Sinama. Specially on their speech constraints aside from ‘r’ and ‘l’.

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