Patta' min Tinoto, Philippines

Information about Tinoto

Tinoto, Sarangani is famous to foreigners in the Philippines for its beaches and biodiversity.  While foreigners may have only recently discovered Tinoto for its great scuba diving, the Sama have been living there for 50 years now.  In Sinama Tinoto should be spelled Tinutu’.  The school, Datu Abdulbali Elementary school has over 700 students.  The majority are Sama.  The Sama community in Tinoto originate from Siasi, Sulu with most being Sama Musu’.  Several times a year larger boats will travel directly from Tinoto to Siasi.  The original reason for the Sama migration was to escape war found in their homeland.  Here you can find all sorts of Sama livelihood.  Residents frequently scour the coral at low tide for shells and other food.  Fish traps, net fishing, spear fishing, & hook and line fishing are some of the fishing methods used in Tinoto.
The following are pictures collected of the Sama community in Tinoto.

Pictures of the Sama Community

Kauman Sama ma llot Dadianggas maka Maasim. #LahatSama

Posted by Kauman Sama Online on Thursday, 14 February 2013

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