I am always pleased every time I come across a minority language website from the various Muslim Filipino tribes.  The grassroots efforts to make a name on the worldwide web for languages like: Tausug, Maguindanaon, Yakan, Kaagan and of course my beloved Sinama is hard work with little reward.  The significance of such sites and the knowledge contained within can never be appropriately ranked by the search engines and web directories because though they serve a sliver of the internet community, they are doing it with the insights of insiders on their own culture.  They are developing their languages.  They are promoting their cultures.  They are forming communities on the internet.  May God grant you success at your task.

Aheka’ na saga website ma bahasa Sūk (Tausug Websites):Tausug Online - Tausug Websites

Tausug Online
Now the longest lasting Tausug community website.  They have over 1,000 members.  They provide forums, blogs, and media for their members.  You can find content in English and Tausug.  They have gained a pagerank of 2 from Google.
Royal PanjiRoyal Panji | Tausug Websites
A historical website that focuses on the flags and symbols of Sulu. It is an English website with great pictures and historical information relevant to the Tausug and others that are members of the Sulu Sultanate of old.  The sites longevity and content has earned itself a pagerank of 2 from Google.

Significant Tausug Websites and Sulu Community Websites:

Sulu Forum
Sulu Forum has been around for quite some time now.  We at Sinama.org especially appreciate their site because it is open to all tribes from Sulu.
* Sulu Forum has just recently changed their web address from suluforum.ph to suluforum.com.  It is a Ning powered website.  It now advertises itself as a Tausug Online Community.
Kawman Kasilasa
Formerly Kasilasa.com. This is a Tausug community website based off of the ning social network platform.
Another ning based Tausug community website.
Tausug Forum
A nabble.com forum for the Tausug people.

Significant WordPress, Blogspot, Blogger and other Blog Sites:Tausug 101 Learn Tausug | Tausug Websites

Tausug 101
A project of the Anak Iluh foundation that is teaching people the Tausug language.  Being a linguistic blog ourself, we are quite proud of this website and hope that it will be useful to many Tausug wishing to return to their roots, as well as outsiders who appreciate the Tausug culture.
Anak Iluh MD and Warnah
Blogs by Ahmad Sampang Musahari also known as Anak Iluh.
Kai Darul is a blogger from Tawi-Tawi.  She blogs mainly in the English language.
Tarasul Net
The largest collection of Tausug Tarasul.  A new Tausug website that already has a large collection of Tausug writings by various authors.All Tausug 
Blog by Yazir Rajim that focuses on history and current events.
Historical Sulu
Blog by Muhyiddin Ibn Al-Kutub
Sulu and its Peoples
Blog that focuses on famous Tausug people throughout the world.
The Island of Pearls
Blog by Neldy Jolo
Tarasul Net
The Largest Collection of Tausug Tarasul (Poetry)
(Post Update with more blogs listed coming soon)


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