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Sinama Dictionary App Launched Today on Google Play

We are proud to announce that for the first time, the Central Sinama to English Dictionary is available for download as an app from Google Play. This dictionary has a wealth of information on the Sinama language. Version 1.0 has 13,325 entries in Sinama and 10,455 English reversal entries. The work of compiling this dictionary […]

Kalangan Pagongka’ Onde’-Onde’

Bang aniya’ kata’uwannu kalangan onde’-onde’, sulatun ma comments bo’ ganapanku ma sulat itu. Originally Published on: Nov 25,2010 Ombo’ Takkiya Ombo’ takkiya’ Buli’ ba’ung paragsa’ Paragsaꞌ ni katigan Katigan ba’ung-ba’ung Suruk, suruk, suruk, suruk, suruk English Translation Grandfather Takkiya’The coconut cup floats. It floats, hitting a boat’s outrigger. The outrigger and the little coconut cup. […]

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