Sinama Dictionary Word Verification Page

When we find words that are candidates for inclusion in the Central Sinama Dictionary we will list them here for review by the Kauman Sama Online community.
If you recognize a word listed below please leave us a comment that states:

  • Which dialect of Central Sinama you speak (Sama Dilaut, Laminusa, Sibaud, Manubal, Musu’, Sama Silumpak, Sama Tabawan, Sama Bintaulan)
  • Where you currently live
  • A definition of the word in English, Tagalog, or Melayu
  • 1 or 2 example sentences in Sinama that use the missing word.

Likewise if there is a word listed here that you suspect is from a different Sinama language or regional language (Tausug, Melayu, Tagalog), please leave your comment in the comments section as well.
Once a word is well established as a Central Sinama word and we can create a clear English definition or gloss for the word, we will pass it on to the linguists behind SIL Philippines Central Sinama Dictionary for inclusion into the dictionary.
If a word cannot be established as a Central Sinama word, we will respond with our reasoning for why it was not included.

Current Words for Review:

(none so far)

Words accepted into the Dictionary

(none so far)

Words not included in the Dictionary

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