The Sinama Keyboard (3799 downloads )
The Central Sinama Keyboard was developed with the intent to encourage native speakers of Sinama who are learning to read and write Sinama to use computers. The Sinama language is special in that it is different than various other Filipino languages. Tagalog and Visayan can easily be typed using a standard English keyboard. Sinama has a glottal stop and elongated vowels in the alphabet which have been added to the Central Sinama Keyboard.
Here is the list of key combinations required to type in Sinama.
type “~” + “a” to make “ā” (elongated a)
type “~” + “e” to make “ē” (elongated e)
type “~” + “i” to make “ī” (elongated i)
type “~” + “o” to make “ō” (elongated o)
type “~” + “u” to make “ū” (elongated u)
type “~” + “A” to make “Ā” (Uppercase elongated a)
type “~” + “E” to make “Ē” (Uppercase elongated e)
type “~” + “I” to make “Ī” (Uppercase elongated i)
type “~” + “O” to make “Ō” (Uppercase elongated o)
type “~” + “U” to make “Ū” (Uppercase elongated u)
type “~” + “$” to make “₱” (Philippines Peso)
type “~” + “n” to make “ñ” (used in borrowed Spanish words)
Additionaly the “`” symbol on the English keyboard types the “ˈ”
representing the Sinama glottal stop.

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