Revenge in Sulu

Kata-kata si Mbo' Buwaya maka si Budjang Kuyya'

Lady Monkey is trying to find away to cross the channel between islands. Grandfather Turtle and Grandfather Crocodile reject her initial offer of her parents territory. Eventually Grandfather Crocodile agrees on a payment. Lady Monkey rides on his back to the other side. When it is time to pay, Lady Monkey asks him to bring her closer to the other shore. Without paying Grandfather Crocodile, Lady Buwaya jumps off of his back and tells him that she has tricked him. Later on when Lady Monkey and her friends are collecting food at low tide, they see Grandfather Crocodile, apparently dead. On the way home, Lady Monkey stays behind out of pity for Grandfather Crocodile, who she tricked. She ends up being the one who is tricked. Grandfather Crocodile springs on her and takes his revenge.