Teaching Resources for Sama & Badjao Classrooms

Since 2009 the Kauman Sama Online has been involved in resource development designed for classroom and community education programs.  Here are some of the resources we have developed/published that teachers will find useful for Sinama language instruction.

Sinama Keyboard

The Sinama Keyboard (639 downloads)

Educational Posters:

Sinama Alphabet Banner (Download)
Sinama Alphabet Banner

Sinama Numbers Banner (Download)Sinama Numbers Banner


Sinama Alphabet Chart (1.5 x 2 ft)
Sama Dilaut Badjao Alphabet Educational PosterFull Size Download :
Sama Dilaut Dialect (Badjao)
Laminusa Dialect
Musu’ Dialect
Sinama Parts of the Body Chart (1.5 x 2 ft)
Pagdayaw Baran Educational Poster SinamaFull Size Download:
Sinama Parts of the Body Chart
Dapitu’ – Days of the Week Chart (A3)
Dapituꞌ - Sinama Educational ChartFull Size Download :
Sinama Days of the Week
Sinama Fruits & Vegetable Chart (A3)
Full Size Download:
Download Zip File (Sama Siasi & Sama Dilaut incl.)
luma'Alphabet Flash Cards
Download Zip File


Sinama-English-Scientific Reef Fish Poster (1161 downloads)
Sinama-Engish-Scientific Reef Fish Names

Shark Educational Poster Ocean Background (1674 downloads)
Sinama Shark Educational Poster

Literacy Primers

Panganaran MagbassaPanganaran Magbassa Cover
DepEd Reading Primer from 1969 revised in 2011 to meet current orthography standards.
Student | Teacher
30 Lesson Sinama Reading Primer
30 Lesson Primer FeatDownload

 Educational Worksheets

handwriting-featSinama Handwriting Worksheets


Children’s Songs


5 Issa, Duwa, T'llu (1240 downloads)
(Counting Song)
8 Angose' Tangan (1076 downloads)
(This is the way we wash our hands)
09 Amole' Amole' (766 downloads)
(Paalam na)
10 Maingga Bokol (817 downloads)
(Where is Thumbman)
14 Aku si Sili' (736 downloads)
(I’m a Little Teapot)

Android Apps

samaxxhdpi_launcherSinama Big Books Android App on Google Play

 Big Book Videos


kalbaw-feat Video Book Si Kalbaw maka Si Kallo' (4 downloads)
magsarang-sukul-feat Video Book Magsarang-Sukul Kita! (2 downloads)
duyung-feat Video Book Usulan Duyung (1 download)


 Learning English – Filipino – Sinama

Languages of the Southern Gateway Videos

LOTSG Greetings & Leave Takings (0 downloads)

LOTSG Compliments and Courtesy (0 downloads)

LOTSG About a Person (0 downloads)




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