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We are developing Sinama language reading materials and promoting them for use in schools and Sama homes. For transcribed traditional Sama stories, please visit the Sama Stories category as well:

Big Book: Omang

Big Book: Omang

Tarasul pasalan Omang ma bahasa Sinama Tabawan. This is one of 12 big books created in a writers workshop held in Davao City.  The purpose of big books is to give Sama children introductory reading material that will encourage them to read in their own language.  All of the big books from the workshop were […]

Kuyya’ maka Kaba’-Kaba’ | Library Sinama

New Big Book in the Sinama language.

Kissa’ bay min si Aukal Kinista (original kissa’: Bay ginudlis e’ si Joher Lagam Kauman Sama bay anulat. Sinama Big Book Series This Sama tale of a jungle battle between monkeys and butterflies is a classic folktale of Sulu which reminds us not to judge by appearance or to belittle others.  This book is […]

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