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A Sama Book Launch on Kindle – Mbo’ Agasi

A Sama Book Launch on Kindle - Mbo' Agasi

For years now we have been creating children’s books for Sama that incorporate Sama culture and often Sama folktales into a children’s book format. Many of these books can be found on our subdomain Library Sinama. Every once in awhile we come across a really great story that we want to have a broader reach. […]

Bana Sailani

Bana Sailani

Aꞌa Sisangat si Bana Sailani. Ya pagusaha asal kampungna, magdaing maka magtuhun tipay. Sisangat itu dakayuꞌ paglahatan saga Sama Dilaut mariyataꞌ tꞌbba 2km min Mꞌddas (Siasi). Arikiꞌ lagiꞌ si Bana ma waktu bonoꞌ Jipun (1942-1945). Pinalangi iya ma tahik eꞌ inaꞌna boꞌ iya pataꞌu supaya makalahi sigām bang binombahan kauman sigām. Aheya na si Bana […]

Langgal Tabawan and Igal Tabawan

Interview with Sir Omarjan Jahuran inside Langgal Tabawan

While Tawi-Tawi is starting to become a place frequented by tourists, Tabawan is a small island in Tawi-Tawi that is off the beaten path.  Here the cultures and traditions of the Sama people have been maintained to a high degree along with their livelihood and autonomy.  Professor Jose S. Buenconsejo goes off the beaten path in […]

Pagtulak Bala’ as Observed in Tabawan

Pagtulak Bala' as Observed in Tabawan

The following video was taken in Laum Tabawan upon the observance of Pagtulak Balaꞌ, a Sama ritual that seeks to cleanse a community of evil spirits during the Islamic month of Sappal. Evil spirits are said to be especially active during the month of Sappal. The tulak bala’ is a call to any evil spirits […]

Video of Sabah, Malaysia 2017

The above video is a collection of timelapses, photos, and video from a trip to Sabah for the 2nd International Conference on Bajau/Sama Diaspora held at the Tun Sakaran Museum in conjunction with the Festival Igal Antarabangsa.

Sunrise Timelapse taken in Sim-Sim, Sandakan, Malaysia.
Speedboat video taken in Semporna going to Bum-Bum island.
Pictures and video from Terusan Baru, Bum-Bum.
Pictures of Semporna from Seafest Hotel.
Pictures and video from the Festival Igal Antarabangsa.
Picture of lepa model from Tun Sakaran Museum.
Sunset Timelapse taken in Terusan Baru.

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